Technical Bulletin No. 9

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Center for Promotion of Steel Quality - Technical Bulletin No. 9.

"This bulletin refers to the Model Code 2010 design guidelines related to the use of reinforcement protecting the slab-column connection after punching shear, referred to as integrating reinforcement. Model Code 2010 requires that in the case of an internal connection, the reinforcement consists of at least four intersecting bars or eight bars not connected to each other, but appropriately anchored in the pole. In the case of an edge joint, it should be assumed that the number of appropriately anchored rods is six - Model Code 2010 does not directly indicate the solution for edge joints. In the case of an edge connection, the reinforcement anchoring perpendicular to the edge of the slab should be properly made."

prof. dr hab. inż. Włodzimierz Starosolski
dr inż. Barbara Wieczorek
dr inż. Mirosław Wieczorek

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Data publikacji: 15.03.2018