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Ability to easily verify the delivery

EPSTAL steel has a unique ribs pattern and an "EPSTAL" inscription rolled on each rod in place of six consecutive ribs. In addition, the manufacturer's number is also permanently rolled on the surface of the bars. This identification tool kit provides 100% confidence in delivery and quality guarantee.

When picking up steel on the building site, you should verify not only the documents attached to it but also check the material itself and make sure it complies with the order. This verification should take place in a few steps:

  1. Verification of ribs pattern - identification of steel grade.
  2. Check the manufacturer's number.
  3. Verification of the label.
  4. Identification of possible other permanent steel markings.

Ribs pattern

EPSTAL steel is a B500SP grade, which, according to PN-H-93220, has a unique ribs pattern, consisting of two rows of transverse ribs and two longitudinal ribs. The transverse ribs on both sides of the bar are arranged alternately at two different angles to the longitudinal axis. 

Marking the manufacturer

All ribbed bars, apart from the information on the steel grade, also have a permanent marking indicating the factory where they were manufactured. The method of such permanent marking of bars by the manufacturer is defined by the standard PN-EN 10080:2007 "Steel for reinforcement of concrete. Reinforced steel reinforcement. General provisions ". According to this standard, each reinforcing steel should have on one of the rows of ribs or indentations a marking identifying the plant. This marking should be repeated at intervals of no more than 1.5 m and should consist of:

  • the symbol determining the beginning of the marking,
  • numerical identification system of the manufacturer.

The symbol determining the beginning of the marking is done by two consecutive ribs, which are thickened. The producer`s number is indicated by the number of non-thickened ribs between the thickened ribs. The ability to read encoded information is very useful for verification of steel on the building site as it allows for immediate elimination of doubt about the origin of the bars provided for construction.

Below the numbers of all EPSTAL steelmakers: 


Each bar rod, in addition to the markings placed directly on the bar, is supplied with an identification label with the EPSTAL logo, steel grade and manufacturer's data. 

EPSTAL inscription

Manufacturers, who have successfully passed the certification process and have received the EPSTAL mark, have the obligation to mark their products with the word "EPSTAL" which is rolled on each bar. Such permanent marking makes product identification under construction conditions easy and reliable. The EPSTAL mark on the bar guarantees that the product has been tested in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Polish Standards, certified by an accredited testing body and has all the necessary certificates required in Poland. By finding the "EPSTAL" inscription on the rod, we can be sure that it is a B500SP steel grade that meets the requirements of C-class ductility and A-IIIN strength, manufactured in Poland, in a facility that guarantees a high degree of process stability and quality control.

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