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EPSTAL certificate


The highest quality label

EPSTAL is a quality mark given in a voluntary certification to reinforced concrete products in the form of bars or coils made of hot-rolled high ductility steel grade B500SP.

The CPJS certification process involves checking the functioning of the plant's quality management system and performing sample tests in the manufacturer's laboratory. In addition, another set of samples is sent for testing in an independent external laboratory (e.g. Institute of Metallurgy in Gliwice). Maintenance of the EPSTAL certificate involves the necessity of proper marking of the bars (e.g. permanent EPSTAL inscription and label), delivering to CPJS quarterly and annual results of factory production control tests, additional insurance for certified products and agreement for annual surveillance audits.

EPSTAL certification guarantees that reinforcing steel:

  • meets the requirements of class C according to Eurocode 2 and class A-IIIN according to "old" Polish design standards (PN-B-03264: 2002, PN-S-10042: 1991),
  • meets the requirements for the B500SP grade according to PN-H-93220 and the requirements of European standard PN-EN 10080,
  • has been placed on the market and used in the construction industry in accordance with the applicable regulations,
  • is well-identifiable by the surface-labeled EPSTAL inscription, the label and the unique ribbing pattern, 
  • possesses strength-deformation parameters characterized by high stability,
  • is resistant to dynamic loads: fatigue and cyclic, 
  • is resistant to bending,
  • has very good adhesion to concrete, 
  • is weldable in the full range of diameters,
  • is manufactured in a certified factory where a quality control system has been implemented.

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