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Technical specifications


Technical specifications

We publish the template prepared by CPJS for the Technical Specification for the Performance and Acceptance of Construction Works (STWiORB) for the reinforcement of concrete structures with B500SP steel

The definition of STWiORB is found in § 12 of the official Regulation:

Technical specifications for the performance and acceptance of construction works are studies containing, in particular, sets of requirements that are necessary to determine the standard and quality of work performance, in terms of how construction works are performed, the properties of construction products, and to assess the correctness of individual works

It follows from § 13 of the official Regulation, among others, that STWiORB:

(...)  should be developed with a detailed breakdown according to the Common Procurement Vocabulary, specifying at least in them:

  1. works in the field of building installations;

  2. construction works for the erection of complete buildings or parts thereof and civil engineering works;

  3. construction works for site preparation for construction;

  4. finishing works for building objects.

The subject of the Specification prepared by CPJS are material and technological requirements for the performance and acceptance of works related to the preparation and assembly of reinforcement made of B500SP steel rods in concrete elements. This document is based on design standards as well as the most current product standards. At your disposal are PDF files as well as convenient files for editing.

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