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15 November 2023

Reserach of reinforced concrete slab in an emergency situation caused by the removal of the support



Observation of the behavior of the edge part of the plate-column system in an emergency condition caused by the destruction of the edge support.

The publication is devoted in its entirety to the construction work in the emergency condition resulting from the destruction of the supporting column (eg as a result of vehicle impact). The bulletin presents the details of the study carried out at the Department of Building Structures of the Silesian University of Technology, consisting of a controlled destruction of the slab-column ceiling (1: 2 scale model) by removing the edge column. The publication contains a comprehensive research report as well as the most important conclusions and postulates regarding design.

Nowadays, plate-and-column systems are increasingly being built. It is known that the resistance of such structures to exceptional loads is much lower than the resistance to such loads of longwall buildings or post-and-beam frame structures. With the increase in the number of such facilities, their threat increases due to the possibility of more frequent exceptional burdens, such as impacts with means of transport, internal gas explosions or terrorist attacks. Such hazards also include such factors as the use of materials with low mechanical parameters, or, for example, too early use of the structure.


prof. dr hab. inż. Włodzimierz Starosolski

dr inż. Barbara Wieczorek

dr inż. Mirosław Wieczorek

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